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Music Post! 21 (5) of the Best Remixes of 2013, So Far

21 Best Remixes of 2013, So Far

DAD loves a good remix. There's something about a DJ applying the right amount of pressure to established material and not only making the listener rock out to a new rendition, but somehow making it their own. We roundup remixes on a weekly basis, so we know there are a ton of them sitting out there; finding the best is the key. With such a fine crop of talented producers out there, and great opportunities to service tunes in new ways, we're really loving how 2013 is sounding so far.

21. Daft Punk - "Random Access Memories (Vanderway Edit)"

While the world was still imagining what Random Access Memories would sound like, Vanderway took the liberty of exploring his own depiction of the final product. With nothing to work off of but the little pieces of what we would soon find out to be "Get Lucky" that played in the background of the pre-release commercials, Vanderway created a masterpiece.

18. Rihanna - "Stay (Branchez Bootleg)"

"But I don't like trap," she said. "It's all gunshots and about droppin' that ass," she continued. I told her to relax and just stay. Stay she did. Thank you Branchez because you did more for me than I could have done for myself. The smooth bass, the gracefully pitched-up vocals, Branchez really put his stamp on the trap genre with this bonafide slow jam. This along with numerous other bangers like "Shake" are the reason Branchez's name is being bandied about in major label offices. If you need to convert someone to trap music or just want to set the mood, slide this on because they is nothing like it in 2013.

13. Lana Del Rey - "Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix)"

There are few vocalists whose music lends itself to a remix quite like Lana Del Rey. The throwback era siren's emotive vocals is the stuff anthems are made of. With "Summertime Sadness," Lana gracefully balanced that emotion with a catchiness that few are able to do. Cedric Gervais took the original and did the dirty to it. Re-arranging the song and adding in his own arena-sized riffs, "Summertime Sadness" is the sort of anthem even the most jaded of folks can't even help themselves from singing along "I got that...I got that summertime sadness!!"

8. Justin Timberlake - "Suit & Tie (Dillon Francis Remix)"

We assumed there would be trap remixes of Justin's return single, but we had no clue that Dillon Francis, who is definitely a stylish DJ, would undo his tie just a bit, roll up his sleeves, and turn up with this massive 808-heavy rendition. Justin's vocal is pretty much untouched for the hook, but once he tries to sing anything, Dillon runs his vocals straight through the ringer.

4. Mt. Eden - "Sierra Leone (Ta-ku Remix)"

Holy unexpected bassblast, Batman! Ta-ku unsurprisingly murdered another hit. The buildup on this one is amazing, as we get sucked into this lush, beautiful pairing of leftfield percussion and vocals, only to be hit in the chest with a sinister dose of bass. We'd classify this as trap, but that bassline is way more dubstep-y than anything else, and it works like gangbusters. One of his best remixes, trust.

Rest at the source.

What are your favorite mashups/remixes? Lately, this one has been my favorite:

And this is classic mashup gold, imo!

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