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Lady Gaga dresses normal after slow-walk exhibition

What a difference a day makes! Lady Gaga dresses in relatively normal ensemble after bizarre slow-walk exhibition in white gown


On Thursday she put on a grand, attention-grabbing show as she inched out of her hotel crying in a long white gown.

But Lady Gaga is always eager to do the unexpected, and did just that when she arrived at New York City's JFK Airport on Friday wearing an uncharacteristically basic flannelette shirt over boots.

The 27-year-old singer seemed unconcerned with making too much of a scene on this one-off occasion as she sauntered out in the easy, casual ensemble.


Making sure she didn't entirely tow the line, Gaga's shirt was especially short and whatever was underneath threatened to go on show as she shimmied out between a number of burly bodyguards in suits.

She wore black lace-up boots with frilly socks poking out the top, as well as round frame sunglasses, and topped off her outfit with a little self-promotion.

She wore what looked like a NASA cap, but instead of NASA it read DOPE - which happens to be the name of the Poker Face singer's next single from her upcoming album ARTPOP.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga is being sued over her 2009 song entitled Teeth.

Music producer and singer Teddy Riley - who was a member of 1990s hip-hop group Blackstreet - has filed a lawsuit against the 27-year-old pop star, claiming he hasn't received any of the payments he is owed after the song was included on her smash hit The Fame Monster EP.

Teddy, 46, says he was promised 25 per cent of the writing fees for the song but hasn't been paid at all, and he is now seeking $500,000 as well as punitive damages, reports TMZ.


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