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Almost Human: Watch the Actual First 3 Minutes; John Larroquette to Recur

A few days ago, the folks at ‘Almost Human‘ caused a bit of confusion around the internet in placing an eight-minute sneak peek of the November 17 premiere online, which many erroneously reported as the “first” eight minutes of the pilot. Now, the J.J. Abrams-produced futuristic cop drama has released the actual action-packed first minutes, which you can watch right here!

Taking place in flashback, the opening of the new FOX series from ‘Fringe‘ head J.H. Wyman provides an important bit of backstory for series lead John Kennex (‘Star Trek‘ and ‘Dredd‘ star Karl Urban), showing a futuristic shootout that goes awry. The opening moments also set up an ongoing mystery that takes a shocking twist later on in the pilot, and will reverberate throughout the series to come.

In case you missed it, here's the other 8 minutes of the premiere:

John Larroquette joins Fox's 'Almost Human' cast

The future just got a bit more interesting: John Larroquette is joining the cast of Fox’s Almost Human. The actor best known for his long-running 1980s-90s role on comedy Night Court is coming on board the sci-fi action-drama in a dramatic recurring role. He’ll play “Nigel,” a “genius roboticist who is sympathetic, highly intelligent and a bit broken.”

Minka Kelly promotes Almost Human in New York

The MX-43 PSA not featuring Michael Ealy, this time featuring Michael Ealy

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You can watch almost a quarter of the pilot episode right now LOL.
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