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Louis Walsh to pen book after Girls Aloud spat

LOUIS Walsh is planning to write an account of his glittering showbiz career. The news comes as he hit back at Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh – who claimed the music manager was never around for the band.

Walsh's memoirs will attract the ultimate bidding war between top publishing houses, with one source predicting he would make over €500,000 from the sale of the book.

A source told the Sunday Independent: "If he does this, and finally puts it all down, the scraps, the real people behind the celebrity. It will be huge. Bigger than that.

"Louis has the sharpest tongue in the business. He tells it like it is. He makes a living out of it. His version of events will be better than anything any of these stars could put in their own autobiographies. The unadulterated version."

The explosive memoirs could be the most lucrative piece of work to date for the man who has made a living out of turning anonymous faces into global superstars.

The X Factor judge revealed his intentions as he answered criticism from the former Girls Aloud star in her new book A Whole Lot Of History.

Walsh told the Sunday Independent : "Wait until you hear the real story. That will be in my book. I have been inundated with offers over the years, but now it's coming.

"It will have everything in it and the very least it will do is answer anything Girls Aloud had to say about me.

"They all hated Nadine, even though she was the singer. She had the best voice out of the whole lot of them. And I told them so.

"That's the real reason why they disliked me so much. And they never worked as a group because they were always fighting.

"No one ever thought I would write it, but it's coming. My take on everything in all its glory."

But in an interview with the Sunday Independent yesterday, Kimberley Walsh said she doesn't believe Louis would ever go through with it.

"I don't think he would really ever write a book to be honest. But he wouldn't really have any information on Girls Aloud because he wasn't there," she said.

As fans gathered from 6.30am outside Easons bookshop on Dublin's O'Connell Street for a meet and greet with the star, she denied Walsh's assertions that the rest of the band disliked him because they were jealous of his relationship with Nadine and the fact that he made her the lead vocalist.

"That's not true. I mean he did always have a soft spot for Nadine because obviously she was in Irish Popstars and he was involved in that so they, initially, had a close bond.

"But even that went straight away so we had no contact with Louis. But, no, I think she is a great singer, and in the beginning she was the most confident, so we all respected her for that. So there were never any issues there."


Well, he didn't exactly lie about Nadine....
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