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Michael Kors lands Instagram’s first ad and the furious complaints are already flooding in


Instagram had a milestone today, and one famous fashion label is responsible.

The social media platform debuted its first advertisement in users’ feeds this afternoon, courtesy of Michael Kors.

The post featured one of the label’s gold watches surrounded by Parisian-inspired props like macarons and gilded espresso cups.

The ad has no words on it. It appeared in users’ feeds like any normal post would, save for a new ‘sponsored’ tag placed at the top near the Michael Kors username.

Its caption ‘5:15 PM: Pampered in Paris #MKTimeless’ is not too different from other posts from the Kors brand.


It is unknown how much Michael Kors paid to sponsor the advertisement.

The move in an interesting one for Michael Kors in particular, as the brand is now as well regarded in fashion circles as it in in financial ones. The company, founded by Michael Kors in 1981, went public in 2011. It currently holds a stock market value that exceeds $15 billion.

You may call the Instagram advertisement a celebration for the Michael Kors brand. Today also marked the company’s first day of trading as part of the S&P 500.

Michael Kors has an approximate 1.3 million Instagram followers. Friday’s advertisement also appears in the brand's normal timeline.

Facebook, which purchased Instagram one year ago for a staggering $1 billion, told The Wall Street Journal that the post received 100,000 likes by 1 PM Pacific time. At press time early Friday evening, MailOnline observed that the post had recorded an additional 50,000 likes.

It also charted more than 1,060 comments from Instagram users. Some appreciated the photograph, and others were miffed that the post had appeared in their newsfeeds without solicitation.

‘Are you serious? I’m going to avoid everything that this brand has to offer just because of this ad,’ commented one user named Leetledanigirl.

‘The beginning of the end…’ wrote another, named Arereli.

But a user named ronininstagram reasoned: 'People, how are they going to provide service if they are not making any money!!! Please be reasonable! There's no such thing as free!!'

When Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012, the company made it clear that it had plans to monetize the social media application.

Facebook told the Wall Street Journal that while Michael Kors is the only Instagram ad to be placed so far, users should expect more to appear in their feeds soon.

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