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Gabourey Sidibe and Emma Roberts Feuding on set of American Horror Story

Things are getting a little heated behind the scenes of American Horror Story: Coven! An insider reveals that Emma Roberts has been exhibiting some diva-like behavior…and costar Gabourey Sidibe isn’t taking it well.

“Emma complains about the tiniest things and won’t speak to crew members,” the witness says. “Gabby finally told Emma to cut her attitude and stop being rude.”

The confrontation apparently scared the 22-year-old off a little bit, because the source says that she’s at least been a little nicer to the crew, although “she still acts like she’s above everyone else.”

Despite reports of recent on-set drama, Roberts recently dished about how thrilled she was to be a part of the hit supernatural series, telling Clever News at the season three premiere of “American Horror Story” that filming the show has been a lifelong dream come true. “This year is so fun because its coven, and when I was younger I was obsessed with witch movies and ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” said Roberts. “To be on a TV show playing a witch is pretty much one of my biggest childhood dreams come true.”

Emma probably doesn't like fat people, just like Aunt Julia
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