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It's over: Courtney Stodden, 19, and Doug Hutchison, 53, split after two years of marriage


Green Mile star Doug Hutchison and his teen bride Courtney Stodden have split up.

The controversial couple are going their separate ways after a controversial two-and-a-half year marriage, sources have told MailOnline.

On Thursday night Courtney, 19, threw a Halloween party at their rented Hollywood Hills home - but Doug was not there.

It is understood Courtney decided to end the marriage and Doug, 53, is said to be heartbroken.

The split comes just two months after she made an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK.

Sources tell MailOnline the reality show was the beginning of the end for the couple.

Producers didn't want the actor on the programme and Courtney was given time in the spotlight without her other half.

During her spell in the house, she flirted with fellow contestant Mario Falcone, 25.

In one episode they were both tied together for a task and cameras caught them caressing each other's hands.

A source told MailOnline: 'Courtney has changed so much since being in that house. She is more independent and just wants to have fun like any 19 year old.'

MailOnline reported back in August how Doug freaked out and became concerned Courtney might leave him.

It came after Courtney told another housemate, Lauren Harries, that she was starting to feel more independent from her husband.

She said: 'He means so much more to me than this freaking house and I don’t want to leave this house feeling so strong and independent that I can’t depend on him anymore,’ she confided.

Courtney married Doug in Las Vegas in May 2011 when she was just 16.

Their union made headlines around the world and turned Courtney into an overnight personality.

The split was first reported by RadarOnline on Friday, with a source telling the website: 'She is branching out and doing her own thing and Doug is getting left behind.'

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