Gaga Responds to Questions on Her Recent Nudity in New Interviews with British Radio

At 3:34 and on: "Why not?... It kind of just happened. I feel safe at certain points to do things like that and I only do it when there is a pure intention behind it. There is always an intention... I don't like to allow things to be done that feel contrived or one-dimensional.

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On her iTunes Festival Performance: "That's really what ARTPOP is all about. It's about showing my artistic process. Because you know, I showed up blonde with tits and an ass, people think there is no artistic process and I should just  shut up and sing pop songs. And even in certain music publications, it makes me crazy when I see pop blogs really heralding very artificial, factory-driven pop music which is fine but then why can't I but what I want to be? It doesn't have to be either artifice or not. I think the point is to play with what artifice is."

On her unexpected collaboration with R. Kelly: "I went back in to finish the album and I said I just want the music to be good. I don't want to hear anymore 'Is it Bad Romance? What's the Telephone? What's the Alejandro? What's the Poker Face?' I don't want to hear it, get out. I'm an artist, it's time to move on. We're evolving. I'm growing. Get on or off the ship."

At 3:00 and on: "I don't think you're prudish at all. It's the total opposite. I feel very liberated when I'm here. So when I was at G-A-Y and I sang Venus, you know I was channeling the birth of venus, so when I sang for them I just wanted to and it felt natural. You see things on pictures, on instagram  and youtube but in the room actually it was a real wonderful experience with the fans... For me it's about choosing and feeling when it's appropriate to do things in the context also of what's happening in culture around me. Because sometimes you can compare different types of nudity and then you can see there is an intention behind things and how it makes them different.

Her Favorite song off ARTPOP: "I would say my favorite right now is the one that's coming out Monday morning before the album is streamed, Dope. That record is the most personal song I've ever made. It was a personal album already but I kind of woke up one day and looked in the mirror and was like 'you just didn't dig deep enough'. I knew I had to take the shovel and go in one more time and I had to write some lyrics and confess some things about myself that I'm not always comfortable with. It's really hard to be vulnerable when you feel sometimes people are attacking you for being an entertainer. It's a song I did with Rick Rubin and it was really awesome because I played it 150 times while he just laid there on the couch and smiled and pressed record. He let me just do my thing and he captured it. That's a really honest moment if you sort of want to see that side that is playing less with artifice and pop.

At 10:40 on the headline about her weight and her 2nd single Do What You Want: "When I wrote this song I was writing about how, really my body as something that the public knows my image. I am a vessel but if I am treated this way, this is all I will give you. I will just give you my body. You will not have my heart or my mind because you don't deserve it."


Both interviews are pretty decent and worth a listen if you're a fan.

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