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Simon Cowell to leave X Factor US to save money????

It’s no secret that X Factor USA has been a huge disappointment to the Fox network and to music mogul Simon Cowell, both of whom have invested millions in the show…

Simon of course turned his back on X Factor UK in order to go over to the States to work on the USA version, but year on year, the show has lost viewers. And the latest viewer ratings for Tuesday night’s live show reveal that the talent quest is pulling in just 4.8million viewers, which is half the number of the UK version’s audiences.

According to The Sun’s TV Biz today, X Factor USA bosses have held a series of meetings to discuss how best to yank the show out of the doldrums, and failing that, how to reduce costs in order to keep it on air…

And apparently it’s been decided that the best way to cut costs is ditching Simon as a judge, which would of course facilitate his return to X Factor UK in 2014.

An X Factor insider said, “People have talked as if it’s all over for the US X Factor but that’s not the case at all.

“It is true that ratings are down but it still does well with younger viewers.

If it was to come back next year it would have a lower budget.

Simon leaving the show would allow a cheaper panel to be introduced – and give him the time to be reunited with the British show.

And of course, Simon’s baby – reportedly a boy – will be born here in the UK early next year, and it’s understood that he’s keen to establish a family home in Britain with the baby’s mother, Lauren Silverman.


will they ever face reality?
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