Dr. William Harford (manicpixiegirl) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Dr. William Harford

January Jones dresses as Betty Draper for Halloween

As a busy single mum, perhaps the last thing January Jones has time for is to look for a costume.

So when it came to taking her son Xander trick or treating in LA for Halloween, the actress appeared to have borrowed from the wardrobe department of her hit show Mad Men.

Seemingly dressed head to toe in her character Betty Draper's clothes and hairstyle, January looked as though she was ready to go on set.

Instead the star waited while her son collected candy from neighbors near their home in Los Angeles.

Unable to raise a smile, it was unclear if the actress was enjoying the activity either.

The typically fifties style stress is the type of garment that fans of the hit show have come to expect to see January wear.

She also had her blonde hair perfectly coiffed, which she usually reserves for her role in the period drama.

January will return to her role as Betty Draper in the final season of Mad Men.

She can also be seen in Sweet Vengeance, co-starring Ed Harris and Jason Isaacs.

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