Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews Naked

Spencer Matthews is said to be 'absolutely mortified' after a full-frontal nude photograph of him was leaked online.

The Made In Chelsea star saw his manhood plastered all over the internet and within a matter of hours of it being posted on Twitter, it had gone viral with tens of thousands of people seeing him in all his glory.

A source close to Spencer told MailOnline: 'The picture was taken in a private situation without him knowing and Spencer is mortified that tens of thousands of people have now seen it.

'He's absolutely gutted that this has got out and will probably be thinking twice before trusting people again. At the end of the day, he's a young guy having fun - but he never expected that something like this would happen.'

The leaked picture shows a man standing at the end of a bed in what appeared to be a hotel bedroom. While the sneaky photographer's legs can be seen in the foreground, the 25-year-old reality star is completely naked, aside from a gold watch.

Another source added: 'It's a storm in a Chelsea teacup. The picture proves that Spencer really has nothing to be embarrassed about about.'

Spencer has so far kept a dignified silence about the image in question and not confirmed or denied his identity. However, it is likely his Made In Chelsea co-star ex-girlfriends, Lucy Watson and Louise Thompson, will have a good old laugh at his expense now that millions of people have potentially seen him in the buff. Spencer candidly admitted to cheating on Louise in her own bed, before doing the dirty on Lucy with eight different women - despite the fact that they only dated for two months.