Lil' Kim calls Miley her "Bestie-slash-wifey" + Everyone who dressed as Miley this year

Miley Cyrus has gotten Lil' Kim's big stamp of approval.

For Halloween this year, the "Wrecking Ball" singer paid homage to her favorite rapper by replicating the latter's revealing outfit from the 1999 MTV's Video Music Awards. Rocking a jumpsuit and a periwinkle pasty, Miley nailed the infamous look to a T, and Lil' Kim only has kind words for her good friend.

The rapper took to Twitter last night to tell Miley she was "looking GORGEOUS," and continued her praise today by telling MTV, "How awesome was that! Put it this way, she did me very well. I think she looked gorgeous. I love her; she's one of my besties. She's like my bestie-slash-wifey. You know what's so funny? As soon as she tweeted the picture, she texted me and was like she was like, 'Happy Halloween, babe!' ... I think she did me well."

She also added, "[Miley's] so outrageous. She's fun. She's gorgeous. She's just living her life."

Lil' Kim also says that her purple-pasty look remains one of her favorites to this day.

"The purple pasty with the purple hair is something that kids love, women love and men love—and people all over the world loved," she said. "When people give you that compliment on Halloween, it's huge."

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lol this is what she posted to her Twitter: "Yes indeed I am Miley's tongue. I craved sledgehammers all day."

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