Liam Payne is Britain's most influential tweeter!

The members of boyband One Direction have been rated as the UK’s five most influential tweeters, ahead of David Cameron or Ed Miliband.

Liam Payne took the top spot followed by band-mates Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik.
Musician Ed Sheeran was named next on the PeerIndex list with the Prime Minister in seventh place.

All the members of One Direction, except Zayn Malik, boast more than 12 million followers on the micro-blogging site, compared with just 400,000 for Cameron.

Family and friends of the teenage heartthrobs also dominated the top of the list with Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend Eleanor Calder being rated as more influential than the Labour leader or the Chancellor George Osborne.

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After Cameron, the next politician on the list was Ed Miliband, placed 29th, with 200,000 followers.

He was closely followed by Labour MP for West Bromwich East Tom Watson at 32nd with 100,000 followers and

George Osborne at 33rd with just 50,000 followers.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson weighed in at 41st despite boasting 600,000 followers.

TV presenter Piers Morgan and journalist and author Caitlin Moran both claimed high spots just ahead of comedians Ricky Gervais and Stephen Fry.

PeerIndex analysed more than 10billion tweets to compile the list of the 140 most influential individuals in the twittersphere which “provides a snapshot of national affinities”.

Scores were not based on how many followers an individual attracted but on the amount of Twitter traffic they generated via other people responding to, retweeting or engaging with them.

Stars of music, television and sport dominated the list with a scattering of journalists, bloggers and MPs.
Azeem Azhar, founder of PeerIndex, said: “As twitter has become more mainstream, the top 140 starts to resemble the contours of popular culture and power, the footballers, politicians and boybands.

“However, social media’s democratising effects still allow those with challenging, well­defined or interesting views to build influence.”

Surprise entries on the list who may be unfamiliar to many people include:
Caspar Lee, a 19-year-old web-blogger from South Africa who has gathered 1.5million subscribers on his YouTube channel and who is listed at 30 ahead of Jeremy Clarkson or Ed Balls
Marius Listhrop, a YouTube star and face of JD 2012, who also entertains fans through his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, and comes in at 34 on the list.
Alfie Deyes is a web star who produces weekly videos for his PointlessBlog on YouTube with its 1.4million subscribers and was placed at 43 on the list.
Dan Howell is a 22-year-old professional blogger and radio presenter who found fame with his YouTube channel danisnotonfire which has more than 2.5million subscribers, and was rated at 44 on the list.

Lou Teasdale, at number 59 ahead of John Prescott and Russell Brand, is One Direction’s hair stylist.
Anne Twist, who at 65 beats Jon Snow and Richard Branson, is One Direction star Harry Styles’ mother.

Liam being adorable while being mobbed in Japan:

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