Miley Cyrus to Star in Super Bowl Commercial?


MILEY Cyrus is apparently going to star in a Super Bowl TV commercial — and the deal will make her one the highest-paid celebs ever!
A source told the National Enquirer that Miley is in talks to appear in an ad for Wonderful Pistachios!

“Miley’s deal will top even last year’s record-breaking $3.8 million per 30-second Super Bowl commercial spot for Wonderful Pistachios that starred Gangnam-style dance maniac, PSY — also scored a big payday,” said an insider.

“But now Wonderful Pistachios’ gone nuts for mega-twerkin’ Miley, and they’re willing to shell out even bigger bucks to get her.

“It’s a multimillion-dollar Super Bowl ad – she’d be nuts to turn it down.”