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David Bowie & his puppet pals wish you a very disturbing Halloween

Never one to fall in with the crowd, David Bowie has produced an exceptionally disturbing homemade music video for James Murphy's remix of 'Love Is Lost', a track from his latest album The Next Day. The video has Bowie menaced by two puppets of himself, one dressed as The Thin White Duke (harking back to the Station to Station album) and the other as the pierrot from the cover of the Scary Monsters album.

While there has yet to be confirmation on this point, both puppets appear to be castaways from Bowie's abandoned video for 'The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell' - the video was shot in 1999 for the Hours... album, but was never used. An interesting point is that the puppets were produced by the Jim Henson Creature Shop, who Bowie collaborated with in 1986 for Henson's fantasy-adventure Labyrinth. A Ziggy Stardust puppet (not seen in the video) made for the music video of 'The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell' can be seen here.

Pictures from behind the scenes below the cut.

 photo dbpup_zps0cf8ed40.jpg
 photo db_lil_puppets_bnet_1000sq_zpsb78b02a9.jpg
 photo David-Bowie--Love-is-Lost-2657342_zps0b0b3bae.jpg
Source 1/Source 2/Source 3

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