Lady Gaga: I’m a tortured soul

Lady Gaga says she’s been left ‘tortured’ by fame and eating disorders.

The Do What U Want singer wants critics to stop comparing her to supermodels and insists she’s more comfortable with a bag over her head despite her stage strip shows. After yo-yo-ing in weight since the age of 15 after battling bulimia Gaga explained ‘some days are better than others … some days I feel fantastic.

‘Today’s good. At the end of the day, I’m a tortured soul,’ she added.

‘Everybody always laughs because I feel so much more comfortable with, like, a giant paper bag on my whole body and paint on my face,’ she said. ‘Sometimes I try really hard to take it all off. But inevitably what’s underneath is still not a straight edge. And I don’t think it ever will be.’

‘In some ways, the outfits — these creations — are because I don’t want to face the reality of what people want from a female pop star,’ she told Glamour magazine.

The 27-year-old concedes she’s ‘not conventionally beautiful’.

‘If there was some sort of mathematical equation for beauty, I don’t know if I would be the algorithm. I’ve always been OK with that. I’m not a supermodel. That’s not what I do. What I do is music. I want my fans to feel the way I do, to know what they have to offer is just as important, more important, than what’s happening on the outside.’

Despite global mega stardom Gaga insists she’s still the same girl, real name Stefani Germanotta, that she used be behind closed doors,  adding: ‘I’ve accepted things that are me, as opposed to feeling pressure to explain myself to people around me.’

‘That’s just the way I’ve always tried to be. It didn’t change when I became a star.’

But despite her girl next door claims she has slapped a ban on fans remembering her as Germanotta.

‘I’m both all the time. Gaga and Stefani are my nicknames. I guess when people meet me for the first time and call me Stefani, it bothers me. Because it’s something that’s reserved for only the people who are closest to me. It’s not because I don’t like my given name; it’s that I became somebody else. I became somebody else for a reason, you know. This is part of what my message is — you can become whoever you want to be, to escape your past.’