Ed Sheeran debuts new song at Madison Square Garden

Tumblr detectives think "Tenerife Sea" is about Taylor Swift

Ed Sheeran played the first of three sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night and took the opportunity to debut "one of his favourites" from his upcoming second record. The Rick Rubin-produced album is scheduled for release in February 2014.

"I wrote this song after the Grammys," Sheeran said in his introduction. "I was in a situation at the Grammys and everything was kind of happening at once. There was a lot of people around and they were just talking a lot of shit, and I found that the only sense that was coming out of anyone's lips was from this one person ... and I wrote a song about it. I hope you enjoy it."

Sheeran has previously spoken about spending time in Swift's dressing room on the day of the Grammy Awards in early 2013: "We had about two hours in Taylor's dressing room, just me, Taylor and Elton John, just chatting about everything going on in the music industry. Taylor being one of the biggest acts in the world at the moment and Elton being one of the biggest acts in the world ever, just watching that conversation was fascinating."

Fans have noted that the physical description of the song's subject fits Swift, who has blue eyes and wore her hair falling down "the side of her neck" at the Grammy Awards.

In the love song, Sheeran tells a girl with whom he is "so in love" that "all you are is all that I'll ever need." In the final line Sheeran concludes, "And in the morning, I knew you better." This echoes the lyrics of the duet "Everything Has Changed," where Swift and Sheeran repeatedly sing the phrase, "I just wanna know you better."

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Update: Ed's manager has denied that it's about Taylor