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Jamie Oliver bans his two eldest daughters from having phones or joining social networks


TV chef Jamie Oliver has banned his two eldest daughters from having mobile phones or joining websites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in case they get bullied.

The 38-year-old father-of-four regularly uses social networking sites and even posts personal family photographs on Instagram.

But he has stopped Poppy, 11, and 10-year-old Daisy from using social media sites.

He told Closer magazine : ‘I found out my two eldest girls had set up Instragram accounts in secret, which I was not happy about and soon put a top to.

‘Poppy’s 11 now and the only girl in her class still not allowed a mobile.

‘It may sound harsh, but I do worry about the bullying that can go on with these sites.’

Oliver, who says he is a close friend of Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom, went on : ‘I know the girls have had a hard time in the past at school because their dad’s on TV.

‘I just don’t want to risk it happening online too. It’s impossible to keep an eye on.

Oliver, who has five restaurant brands and a cookery school, added: ‘I don’t know how long I can keep them from social networking and away from smartphones, but I will try for as long as I can!’

The Essex born star recently opened up to the Daily Mail about his desire to be a more hands-on parent to his children – his also is father to Petal, four and Buddy.

Speaking about his parenting style in the past, Oliver, who married his wife Jools in 2000, said: ‘I think I was a little slow on the uptake with Poppy and Daisy. I thought it didn’t matter because they were so young, but that kind of invisible closeness comes then.

‘I used to go away for four weeks at a time quite often when the girls were about two and three. I was growing a business. And I would think it didn’t matter and they were happy with Jools.

‘But I realise now it did matter. I have a wonderful relationship with my older girls and I’m not worried about anything, but I think I’ll have to earn my stripes with them when they’re older.’

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