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10 Best 'Buffy' Episodes To Watch This Halloween


Halloween season is in full swing and my favorite show to watch during October is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy has provided us with plenty of creepy creatures, spooky spirits, and vicious vampires but here I give you my opinion on the 10 best Buffy episodes to watch during the Halloween season.

5. All the Way (6×06)


All the Way is Buffy’s third and final Halloween episode and the only one featuring Dawn. In this one, Dawn inadvertently hangs out with a bunch of handsome vampires who try to turn her. Other plots of the episode include Willow and Tara arguing over magic and Xander and Anya discussing their recent engagement. This episode isn’t nearly as Halloween-y as the others but it’s still a good watch for the season.

4. Buffy vs. Dracula (5×01)

Dracula is the quintessential Halloween character and Buffy gives us an episode featuring him that is not only hilarious, but offers some epic throwbacks to the classic Gothic tale. Whether you’ve read the original novel or not, you’ll get a kick out of Dracula turning Xander into his Redfield and Giles encountering his three brides. Another fun thing about this episode is the way they use Spike’s character. Buffy vs. Dracula is a great way to get some more Halloween spirit into your Buffy viewing.
3. Hush (4x10)

Hush is perhaps the most famous episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Gentleman come to town and steal everyone’s voices so they can cut out people’s hearts in the middle of the night. Besides The Gentleman being the scariest villains in Buffy history, the episode is even creepier because of its silence. Joss Whedon created a horror masterpiece in Hush and it’s perfect for the Halloween season.

2. Fear, Itself (4×04)

Fear, Itself is Buffy’s second Halloween episode. The gang attends a frat party at Sunnydale University that goes from fun fake haunted house to real-live house of horrors. This one is a bit more heavy than Season 2′s episode, dealing with some of the underlying tension between Buffy and the others, but it is equally Halloween-themed. My favorite part of this episode is when Giles comes to the rescue with a chainsaw. You don’t get much better than that.
1. Halloween (2×06)

Halloween is of my favorite Buffy episodes of all time. The show’s first Halloween episode, it brings us the characters we loved turned upside down when a spell by the despicable Ethan Rayne turns everyone into their costumes. Xander becomes a soldier, Willow turns into a ghost, and Buffy goes from kick-ass slayer to helpless damsel in distress. Not to mention all of the children in Sunnydale dressed as monsters turn into actual monsters and team up with Spike to hunt down the gang. Halloween is an extremely fun episode that perfectly embodies the tone of the holiday.


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