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Ginger Prince Celebrates 20 Years in Television, Showcases Old Late Night Bits

meaning NBC finally gave them permission to use old clips from Late Night! Yay!

Team Coco celebrated today by dedicating an episode to showing some of the most popular sketches/remotes from the old days. Some clips can be seen below the cut; more have been added to the official teamcoco website.

EDIT: Just click the pic to go to the vid since embed doesn't seem to be working for these. :/
3) The world's worst wax museum

2) Conan learns to speedskate

1) 1864 baseball

Ofc, Conan's personal favorite!

And if you're curious, you can actually watch Conan's very first show on YouTube:

It's really... Something else lol.

Frankly, it's missing a lot of the best ones (like when Conan was a mountie at the Canadian border or the other Jordan Schlansky vids) but apparently they're going to add some more (I think). In the meantime, just hit me up if you want some recs tbh. Conan's remotes are amazing and have really helped cheer me up during bad days.

More vids can be seen AT THE SOURCE.

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