Keith Urban admits to sexting with wife Nicole Kidman

Keith Urban nearly overshared when talking about his wife, Nicole Kidman, on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show (airing Monday, Oct. 28). The country crooner and American Idol judge admitted that maintaining a long-distance marriage with the Oscar-winning actress is no easy feat.

"I always structure my tour so I'm never gone for week at a time," he reveals. "And that works out good until Idol comes along and fills in those days in between. And that is doable until then a film comes along that shoots in London. So we just make it work."

And the couple's method for "making it work" is a bit salacious.

"We never text. We never email. Phone calls only, which I really love that," Urban continues. "Maybe one text. Maybe one cool, kinda, one of those kind of texts a year."

"What kind of text, what do you mean?" DeGeneres asks laughing.

"Nice sex texting," Urban replies.

Urban and Kidman, both 46, were married in June 2006. Kidman and Urban share two daughters, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, 5, and Faith Margaret Kidman Urban, 2. She and first husband Tom Cruise share adopted kids Isabella, 20, and Connor, 18.


Do you ever sextext, ONTD?