The Evolution Of Liam Payne: From Awkward Teen To Hot Hunk

With Harry Styles hogging the limelight when One Direction were first catapulted to fame in 2010, whenever anyone else in the band was acknowledged for their absurdly good looks, it was never Liam Payne.

But, to be fair, when you look back at his early days in the public eye now, you can see why he got overlooked. (excuse me??)

We never lost the faith, however, that one day the singer - who lost out to Eoghan Quigg the first time he applied for the ITV talent show - would blossom into the jaw-droppingly good-looking pin-up he is today.

So now, in the wake of him and bandmate Louis Tomlinson being spotted looking not altogether unattractive on an Australian beach, we've decided it's the perfect time to look back at his evolution from slightly awkward teen wannabe to the kind of hunk that thousands of men want to be and thousands of women want to be with.

Add to that the fact he saved his best friend from a burning building and has pants so desirable that fans broke into his flat to steal them, you can see where we're coming from.

Check out Liam's transition below.

Liam Payne as he is propelled to fame in 2010

Liam Payne back in The X Factor days

Liam Payne grows out his hair for the band's post-X Factor launch

Liam Payne begins life as a proper Popstar

Liam Payne suits up to break the USA

Liam Payne shaves off his hair ahead of One Direction's second album release

Liam Payne debuts the One Direction movie with the hint of facial fuzz

Liam Payne smoulders on the red carpet for 1D's movie

Liam Payne looks a bit David Beckham-like

Liam Payne parades shirtless Down Under