British Rowing Team Poses Naked to Help Fight Homophobia

There is no guilt in this pleasure: The University of Warwick Rowing Club has stripped down for the fifth year in a row for a nude calendar, with proceeds helping to fight homophobia.
The University of Warwick Boat Club was founded in 1966 and is "on the verge of top tier status in British rowing." The Warwick Rowing Calendar was founded in 2009 and features top tier nudes of British rowers.

"The rowers are predominantly straight men who have welcomed and embraced the fantastic support they have had from the gay community for their fundraising efforts," Warwick explains. "Sport Allies is their way of honoring that support and giving something back."
The organization will allow the rowers to speak at schools, as well as create web videos that "will be designed to encourage young people...who are being bullied or in a crisis about their sexual identity to call a national helpline."

The Warwick rowers started the calendar back in 2009 and only sold them on campus. Now, they've gone international: "Last year's calendar sold out in days following unprecedented demand from over forty countries," a press release explains.
"It's our fifth calendar, and most people say it's our best yet," they tease about the calendar, which features photos shot by photographer Angus Malcolm. "We'll let you be the judge! (But we're quietly confident you're going to love it.)"
Also, there's video. Because sometimes life is good and gives you video of rowers who are just trying to do some good in the world. Just trying to be naked and do some good.

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