Josh Hutcherson talks first kisses: 'It was horrible. The worst ever'

At least he didn't bite her tongue off. As far as we know.

What with being a famous actor and having actually been paid to kiss Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games, you might've assumed that Josh Hutcherson is something of a snogging professional. Unfortunately you'd actually be totally wrong and his first kiss was just as awkward as that time you were forced to snog the boy who smells of cheese during spin the bottle - mainly because poor old Josh had a crew of 50 people, his mum AND his dad watching his first spit swap.

Chatting about the logistics of tonguing another individual to Seventeen, Josh admitted that his first kiss was pretty memorable, although probably not for the right reasons.

"My first kiss ever? It was on camera, so my first ever kiss in life, in movies, in ANYTHING, was on camera," he explained.

Wait a cotton picking moment there Joshua. Are you telling us your gran never planted a nice bit wet one on you before she presented you with your annual birthday book token?

"It was in this movie I did called Little Manhattan," Josh continued, clearly blocking out the emotional trauma of his lack of snogging action. "I was 11 years old and I was filming in New York City. My mom was up there with me and surprised me by flying my dad in because I had to do the kiss scene and had to have my dad there supporting me and stuff.

"But it was horrible," he added. "It was a horrible first kiss because I had a crew of like 50 people standing around watching me and it was the most non-real, non-intimate that I could possibly have for my first kiss I think."

Josh's on screen snogging partner has yet to second this story. Reports that since the incident she has been remarkably silent due to her tongue having been bitten off are also yet to be confirmed or denied.

Either way Josh, if you need a do over, we'd more than happily offer up our mouths for a bit of a practice. We're generous like that.

What do you make of Josh's first spit swapping experience? Does it rival your own? Any horror stories?