Lady Gaga to Perform New Single on The X Factor

The singer will perform Venus on Sunday's results show, following a Twitter outburst which coincided with her rival Katy Perry's X Factor appearance.

Lady Gaga will return to The X Factor to perform her new single, Venus, on Sunday, the day it is released. The announcement arrived shortly after American stars Robin Thicke and Katy Perry played during The X Factor's second live results show.

Gaga singer last appeared on the ITV talent contest in 2011, when she publicly performed her single Marry The Night for the first time. Gaga published a series of tweets aimed at her critics on Sunday night, which coincided with Thicke and Perry's performances.

Gaga and Perry became chart rivals this summer after their new singles, Gaga's Applause and Perry's Roar, which she performed on The X Factor in a tiger suit, were both leaked online over the same weekend. As a result, both artists brought the release date of their singles forward, coinciding in the same week.

The fact Perry's single went to number one ahead of Gaga's was an issue the latter raised during her Twitter outburst. Along with a picture of the two singles' artwork side-by-side, Gaga wrote, "I write for the music not for the charts".


yasss. coming to slay the lessors performances, can't wait. she should also do DWUW