Justin Bieber, 19, is snapped 'enjoying a cold beer' in Texas... where the legal age to drink is 21

It’s been a reckless journey, one that has been well documented during what has proved to be an eventful year for precocious teen Justin Bieber.
Indeed, his rite of passage from wholesome pin-up to reckless bad boy is well underway, so images of the Canadian singer sipping a cold beer should come as no surprise to those who have been following progress over recent months.
Justin was spotted enjoying a drink with his entourage during a visit to popular nightspot Nox in Houston, Texas on Friday evening – shortly before he was accused of ‘touching up’ a topless dancers.

The shots portray a moody looking Justin mixing with a group of pals at the club before moving on to an strip club, where previously published photos show him shirtless, his baggy jeans desperately clinging to his thighs.
Justin's antics reportedly 'shocked' club employees - although a rep for Justin declined MailOnline's request for comment.

The stripper posted a picture of a pile of one dollar bills on the floor, presumably from Justin and his entourage.

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