tvprod2402 (tvprod2402) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Betty White does MILEY CYRUS? Yup!!!!

Yo, Hulk Hogan, we’re going to let you finish—but Betty White had one of the
best “Wrecking Ball” parodies of all time!That’s right, the latest star to
channel her inner Miley Cyrus and hop aboard a piece of construction equipment
is none other than 91-year-old Betty White!So what exactly is going on?

Betty has teamed up with Lifetime to promote the news that her new show, Betty
White’s Off Their Rockers has found a new home on Lifetime. And to spread the
word, she’s taking cues from pop culture!While on the wrecking ball, Betty asks
for a sledgehammer—though she keeps it PG and doesn’t opt for the French kiss,
thankfully!Tune into Betty White’s Off Their Rockers Wednesdays at 9 PM on
Tags: betty white / the golden girls, miley cyrus

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