Brit shooting a commercial + What she refused to do in the Work Bitch MV+ More!

While in London, Britney shot a commercial for NRJ Radio in France. Here are some behind the scenes pics!


Brit also refused to whip one of her dancers harder during the WB videoshoot, to the dismay of the producers


"When she cracks that whip everybody gon' trip. That is, when she chooses to do so.
Britney refused to whip her "Work Bitch" bitch after producers asked her to go HAM on her ass. A source claims Britney said “I will not do this.”
“There was a scene in a club where Britney had to whip one of the dancers. The crew kept telling her she wasn’t doing it forcefully enough."
They kept stopping the take and said, "Be rougher, Britney – drive the whip harder, push her, kick her."
“She didn’t raise her voice but repeated the same phrase over and over in her soft Southern accent, saying, ‘No, I will not do this’. She was clearly very uncomfortable with it, despite seeming happy to be wearing the sexy clothes.
Britney wouldn't divulge to funny man Alan Carr during her taping on "Chatty Man" what exactly she cut from the final music video, but perhaps it was scenes like this.
“In the end, the producers had to compromise. She did the whipping but with less vigor than they wanted. No one on set said, ‘Did you hear what Britney said? She doesn’t want to do this.’

HQ video of Brit's cute interview with Alison Hammond!

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Love how in control she is during this new album and era!