Did Lady Gaga rip off this song to use in her new promo single? *Updated*

This video has been floating around the internet all day with people claiming Lady Gaga stole the beat from this song and used it in her new song "Do What U Want" featuring R. Kelly. Gaga fans are saying she paid for the sample use but the artists of the original song are not officially credited in the songwriting nor the production credits. Compare the songs yourself and see what you think!

**Update** Dance with the Dead have made a statement on their official FB page.

"Hey guys.....so we were a little confused finding a ton of emails this morning asking if we had collaborated with Lady Gaga and asking if she sampled our song *The Deep* in her new single "Do what you want". Truth is we heard nothing about it. We've listened Gaga's song, and it is definitely not a sample or a copy of The Deep, and we think the songs don't sound alike in any way (go listen and you guys decide) Anyways, our record comes out in 10 days. Get excited

*cheers* - J and Tony"

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+ mine and half the internet's ears.

If she paid for the sample then who currrr. This song grew on me and I've been jammin all day. But if she stole it then gorl.... be careful cause you know the internet will uncover anything.