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The Top 10 Best-Dressed NHL Players

Arguably the most down-to-earth and least tabloid-friendly players, as a group, in professional sports, the men of the National Hockey League are usually lost under loose jerseys and protective masks during games. Off the ice, their style may be noticeably more reserved than their football- or basketball-playing peers’, but they still know how to keep things cool, with looks that range from Power Broker to Nordic Gentleman. Below, see the 10 most stylish players in the N.H.L., as determined by Vanity Fair’s Best-Dressed List experts, in all their well-tailored, broad-shouldered glory:


Henrik Lundqvist

When it comes to his wardrobe, goalie Henrik Lundqvist—or King Henrik, in New York Rangers–fan parlance—shows no fear of experimenting with color and pattern (exhibit A: his tartan blazer, worn to the 2013 Style Awards last month during New York Fashion Week). But his suits’ unfailingly perfect tailoring—plus hints of his Scandinavian heritage, with blue-and-white pairings and crisp plaids—always keep Lundqvist on the dapper side of trendy.


Vincent Lecavalier

An expert in the tasteful use of open collars and V-neck shirts (which is no easy feat), Vincent Lecavalier was born near Montreal but clearly adapted to warmer climes during his 14 years playing for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Now with the Philadelphia Flyers, the 33-year-old center also knows how to pull out all the stops on the red carpet.


Sidney Crosby

Booked with the Pittsburgh Penguins through 2025 with a $104 million contract, hockey superstar Sidney Crosby could presumably procure any wardrobe or stylist he chooses. He’s chosen wisely, if his public appearances—in broad-shouldered wool suits and three-piece red-carpet ensembles—are any indication.


Erik Karlsson

Born in a small town in Sweden, Erik Karlsson defies the thuggish-defenseman cliché during his off hours in Ottawa with Euro-cut slim suits and button-downs that pop with color.


Gabriel Landeskog

Already a captain of his team at age 20, Colorado Avalanche forward Gabriel Landeskog pairs fitted suits with skinny ties, button-downs, or polos.carpet.

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