Miley Cyrus: "As Long As My Bitches Love Me"

Miley Cyrus Defends Herself Against Charges She Exploits Little People: ‘My B**ches Love Me’

Hollis Jane may have thought she was being exploited as a little person during, during her stint as a back-up dancer for Miley Cyrus.

But there are three performers who don’t seem to mind hanging out with the controversial singer.

Cyrus, 20, has tweeted a photo of herself with three of her back-up dancers – all of whom are little people, adding the tag “#aslongasmybitchesloveme.”

In the picture the singer is seen braiding one performer’s hair.

The tweet is a not-so-subtle response to Jane’s blog post in which she expressed regret for being a back-up dancer during the singer’s VMA performance.

Jane, who was one of the dancing bears, wrote: “For the first time I felt truly ashamed of being a little person.

“Standing on that stage, in that costume was one of the most degrading things I felt like I could ever do.”

Clearly not all the backing dancers feel the same way. Jordanna James – who performs with Cyrus – told U.K. magazine Heat: “[Miley's] not using anybody. She supports all shapes and sizes.

“She wants to embrace diversity – everyone’s different.

“That’s what I love about her. She’s giving us an opportunity.”