"Applause" becomes Gaga's Biggest Radio Hit, topping "Bad Romance"

Lady Gaga's comeback single "Applause" might have been off to a slow start, but it proved to be a real smash hit over time.

The "sleeper hit" has been growing non-stop on radio for the past 2 months and has slowly surpassed all of Lady Gaga's biggest hits, including "Born This Way", "Bad Romance" and "Poker Face" with the over 121 MILLION audience impressions on US radio!

Meanwhile, the song has also been selling very well digitally, not leaving the iTunes Top 10 for 9 weeks andselling 1,440,000 copies in US alone.

With the imminent release of her second single "Venus" (Oct 25), it seems that Lady Gaga's ARTPOP era is on the right track for big success.

#01 - Applause: 121.115m
#02 - Bad Romance: 118.946m
#03 - Poker Face: 117.042m
#04 - Born This Way: 109.827m
#05 - The Edge Of Glory: 106.169m
#06 - Paparazzi: 104.897m
#07 - Just Dance: 104.084
#08 - Telephone: 92.780m
#09 - LoveGame: 88.868m
#10 - Alejandro: 81.988m
#11 - You and I: 65.121m
#12 - Judas 36.919m
#13 - Marry The Night: 35.648m

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