Google Has Patented The “Hand Heart” Gesture

A recently discovered patent has revealed that Google has patented “hand gestures to signify what is important” for users wearing a “wearable computing device” —- otherwise known as Google Glass.

The most alarming part of this patent is that it includes making a “heart-shaped hand gesture” that Google Glass wearers would make to signify that they “like” something

The patent also includes making a “lens frame” gesture with your hands to create a frame around an object, indicating to Google Glass that you want to take a picture of an object or person that you’ve “framed.”

However, modern convenience and technological advances aside, if Google does implement these patented gestures, what does it mean for the rest of us? And, more specifically, what does it mean for pop stars?!

If pop stars had to stop using the hand heart….

How will Taylor Swift’s fans know that she loves them?

How will Lady Gaga convey love?!

How will Zayn of One Direction demonstrate his adoration of living while he is young?

Buzzfeed, obviously