Britney Spears’ handlers in full damage control - Trying to prevent embarassment for pop star

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Britney Spears’ handlers are leaving nothing to chance when the often controversial singer is being interviewed, the New York Daily News reports.

The 31-year-old pop star recently wrapped up a blitz of radio interviews to promote her upcoming shows in Las Vegas. For starters, interviewers were given just three questions which Spears may — or may not — answer.

Interviewers were warned questions would be limited to her new single, new album and new Vegas show. Broadcasters were warned: “so everyone is clear — no personal questions and no funny business.”

But the plan to keep the pop star on message appears to be backfiring, the News said.

Houston DJs Roula and Ryan had their interview pulled when it turned into an epic disaster.

“We thought we could make something out of the ‘rules’ dictated before the interview, but as we commenced the interview, we quickly realized this was a one-sided conversation,” Roula said. “That is not entertaining to our audience.”

Another DJ said the Spears handlers are trying so hard to control the interviews, she can’t even answer questions.

The DJ said: “The voices in her head are slowing down her conversation.”

Her people have blamed bad phone lines for the problems.


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