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This Is How the Internet Reacted to Benedict Cumberbatch on the Cover of TIME

TIME's cover snub proves rather...cumbersome.

You can’t always get what you want. Especially if what you want is a copy of a magazine featuring your favorite dreamy movie star on the cover.

It’s a lesson we here at TIME learned today after we put actor Benedict Cumberbatch, also known as the owner of the sharpest cheekbones in the land, on the cover of the International edition of TIME Magazine (U.S. subscribers, he’s in the magazine as well!). Some fans were upset—maybe spitting mad is the more accurate term—that the Cumberbatch cover is only available outside of the U.S. Others were just happy that their object of Internet affection is getting some face time within the red border. And let’s not forget this swoonworthy GIF we made for you.

Below, some of our favorite reactions.

Ideas for the next TIME cover? Someone from Doctor Who, perhaps?

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