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An ONTD Original: Is it written in the stars? Virgo Matriarchs!

A look at Beyonce & P!nk and the families they rule.


You know the Virgo motto: #workbitchCollapse )

The Holy Carter FamilyCollapse )

The less-than-holy, but still awesome Hart FamilyCollapse )

I need help! I have requests for a couple other posts, But I need suggestions for Celeb best friends & British celebs, so if you have ideas or people you'd be interested in, let me know! (More mainstream the better chances I can get a complete chart).

Source for celeb birth charts
For those of you interested in getting your own chart, I recommend this site.
In every post, people are like "this is cool, but I have no idea what it means..." so this is my tumblr- it's not a source because my brain is the source, but it does have a shit ton of handy little articles I put together for you folks, enjoy!
My Previous posts, if you need refreshers:
Kimye & Selena/Beebz post
Love Triangles w/ RPatz/KStew/Katy Perry & Ri/Drake/Chris Brown
Taylor Swift & her Mars in Scorpio giving her horrible taste in men
The Royal Baby, HRH George
Sag Songtresses: Brit, Xtina, Miley
Tags: astrology, beyoncé, ontd original, p!nk / carey hart

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