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An ONTD Original: Is it written in the stars? Virgo Matriarchs!

A look at Beyonce & P!nk and the families they rule.


Let’s talk about Sun in Virgo.

The Perfect Virgin. The Ice Queen. The Nag. The Perfectionist. All titles that have been given to the expression of Sun in Virgo… but there is something that is often overlooked, and that’s that Virgo is the sign of public service. If you’re a Virgo and you’ve talked to me before, you know that I call Virgo “the zodiac’s handy helper.” Their “downfall” (although, not really) comes from the fact that they’re an Earth sign; so they exist on the physical plane. They want to help, but on a tangible level; they feel like you have to prove that something productive was done. For example, your boyfriend dumps you and you call your best friend; if she’s a Cancer, she comes over with ice cream, cheesecake and Kleenexes and rolls her eyes while you sob. If she’s a Scorpio, she starts a bonfire for you to burn his shit (and will recommend a great pawn shop for you to sell the jewelry he gave you to); and if she’s a Virgo, she comes over, makes you take a shower, picks up all your Kleenex from the floor, cleans up the dirty dishes, all the empty wine bottles, and throws your snotrags away, and once you’re out of the shower, she’ll spend twenty minutes politely criticizing your relationship. They’re also the first friend you call when you need help moving, need advice on your job, and, I’m proud to say, that the three people who have ever put my drinking to shame, were Virgos- when they’re dedicated to the cause, they are DEDICATED to the cause. Virgo’s love to work, not necessarily as in a job, but they love to do things that are productive and because they’re ruled by Mercury, they’re still curious busybodies (not like Gemini though, who is also ruled by Mercury, but just wants to know things for knowing and showing off sake) but they want the things they learn to be put to use and they want to be doing a service to people (or animals, or mother nature…) at the same time. Any Virgo will tell you though, their true downfall isn’t their overly-logical and under-emotional ice queen persona, nor is it their uptight, perfectionist nature… it’s their insecurity and anxieties. When they aren’t being “put to use” doing something, the criticizing turns inward. They begin to pick themselves apart thinking they’re not good enough; it’s the classic “high standards” syndrome. They hold themselves to any standard they hold others to, and when they fail to reach it, for good reason or not, they will let it get the best of them. No one should hate on a Virgo though, they’re not boring sticks in the mud, or virginal ice queens- they’re logic gives them their dynamism and like all Earth signs, they have a grounded charm- you know when they care about you because you know they wouldn’t waste their time if they didn’t.

[This is not a link, this is a spoiler cut for Beyonce's chart interpretation.]

The expression of Sun in Virgo gets a great ally in Beyonce’s Moon-in-Scorpio. Where Scorpio is normally seen as a dark and jealous sign, Virgo sun would never allow such a meaningless (and by meaningless, I mean, not important to the task at hand) thing to be expressed. What the Sun in Virgo does love from the Moon in Scorpio is the determination and relentlessness. Virgo never loses sight of the goal, and Scorpio never gives up. The moon in Scorpio can sense it’s surroundings, and when Virgo can properly express, it will learn to use it’s instincts to cut out people and bail on situations that won’t add to the goal… but, if the two can’t work together, Virgo’s high strung self-criticism will be more than willing to fall victim to the Moon in Scorpio’s more vindictive side. What I think will counteract this is her Leo rising. We’ve talked about this position a lot, so we know that they are natural show people, obviously, with the sign of Leo being all about magnetism and drawing people in so they can adore you in the position that gives people their impression of you, how could they not be? In Beyonce’s case though, Virgo doesn’t want to seem… less than humble. Leo rising pushes a person to feel like the world is full of people to accept them and love their extravagance, but the Sun in Virgo expression is very classy and conservative… Another thing we see the most though is her Moon in Scorpio in the 4th house of home and family. With Scorpio, everything is a secret and you don’t want anyone to have control over you, and in her 4th house of home and family, it translates to her desire to have a very private home life.

What helps her the most though is that she has FIVE fucking planets in her 3rd house. I cannot not emphasize enough how much this gives her knack for communication, which is what the third house rules over (amongst many). She is probably easily able to compartmentalize conversation and communication styles to be able to read people, since all the planets are in Libra, a friendly air sign that specializes in social intuition, fairness, and personal relationships. The problem is also that they’re in Libra- an air sign- which, to some people, will come across as vapid and insincere rather than charming and graceful. I think we experience this postly with Bey. Saturn in Libra is exalted (remember, Britney & Christina had this as well), so it can easily set fair and appropriate boundaries, and it’s one of the five in her third house, so it works with her Scorpio moon to be cognitive of what is and is not going too far or being too personal, and in a way, never giving that certain sincerity that some people need.

These are three distinctly struggling energies. Earth, Water, and Fire. Leo rising wants to be on display, because it knows that is the only way to gain followers, yet, Scorpio moon will not allow itself to be shown that way. When you get that pushed through the reserved and logical Virgoan sun expression, you get the conflicting energies that I think we often feel with Beyonce. I think with her recent “almost-era” we can see how on she is questioning herself; she doesn’t want to put out something less than perfect (Virgo), she doesn’t want to settle (Scorpio), but she made a tour happen anyway (Leo, being pushed through the productive Virgo Sun). I think Virgo and Scorpio works so well together because Virgo does not want to express any of the darker side of Scorpio, but it does want to take all that power Scorpio is churning it’s emotions into and put it to use- and with a Leo rising, the best way to put it on display is to put yourself on display.

[This is a spoiler cut for Jay-Z. If you click, it explodes open]

Well, it’s no wonder that Jay loves Bey. Recently, his rising sign has been discovered, and it’s Virgo!!! When you share a rising with your partner’s Sun, it works out well because their expression aligns with your perception; so, basically, the way she acts falls in line with the way his point of view or “understanding” of the outside world is. This works the other way around as well because Beyonce’s rising and Jay’s sun are both fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius respectively) and sharing an element is very helpful because the it means the signs share the same motivation- which for fire is “identity.” So both of them are seeing an expression from the other that is well understood by the impressions given to them by their rising signs. Too confusing? Basically, they’re seeing what they expect from the other person.

The second great thing they have carrying them along is that Jay-Z has his moon in Libra; as I said above, Bey has 5 planets in Libra, in her third house of communication. This works out great for Jay, because he probably feels as if she speaks HIS mind (and says it better!), and then he doesn’t have to break his demure Virgo-rising-shell to do it himself. Obviously, this also signifies that Jay probably has a SUPER easy time opening up to her, because the deepest part of his soul (which the Moon is in charge of) will be received through five of her nine planets in the same Libran expression; and it allows an opportunity for him to be understood without having to overshare or overtalk about it (both things that Sagittarius Sun and Virgo rising hate doing).

He has a lot of indicators in his chart that show him having to overcome issues with intimacy and a fear of sharing his resources, as represented by his Jupiter opposing his Saturn in his 2nd and 8th houses (aka the axis of security; material in the second house vs. emotional in the eighth house). So I totally believe that they would have a long courtship, and that Jay especially, wouldn’t put a ring on a damn thing he wasn’t willing to share every single thing with. I think I love their charts together the most thus far because they have so many complementary aspects to each other, but also, I think having a before and after picture, mostly with Jay, you see how he overcame his harder aspects for the love of someone else, which is the essence of a Moon in Libra- and may not have been able to get it done without the hard working perfectionist nature of Virgo rising.

[We can't forget Baby Blue!]
bb Blue

I’m not sure how the website I get the charts from knew this kid’s exact time of birth, but I’ll believe it. Even if it’s slightly off and she has a Leo rising, it doesn’t matter, she’ll have a perspective that aligns with her parents sun and/or rising as well, so she’ll understand her parents reasoning or expression with things. As a Capricorn, she’ll be conscious of her image, and with her moon in Cancer (same as Taylor Swift), she’ll be family oriented and keep a sense of innocence and naivety. Lucky for Jay, with her Venus in Aquarius, she’ll be friendly and lovable, but not interested in love very much; and with Mars in Virgo, she’ll hold her sexual nature in with tight rein, preferring to use the Mars get-up-and-go as Virgo says: to get shit done. You’ll also notice she has Saturn exalted in Libra, and it is opposite Jupiter, just like Jay-Z, but Blue’s is in her 3rd and 9th houses (aka axis of the mind; lower vs. higher), so she’ll always take her opportunities to travel and her good fortune and put it use learning and probably using having a public image as an advantage into helping people.

[Pink & her Dark Horse staying power]

So, how can P!nk and Beyonce both be Virgo’s but seem so different? Well P!nk has very different energies speaking for her planets. With Moon in Aries (which we’ve talked about with both Selena Gomez & Rihanna), sun in Virgo’s expression is backed by fiery impulse. It likes the Moon Aries “get-up-and-go” decision making and gets a lot done with Lunar Aries momentum. The problem is that Aries is a self-serving sign, and Virgo would rather serve others. Aries wants to do something NOW with no plan and figure it out as it goes, and Virgo wants to have a definitive plan of action. When the two find a balance together, the moon in Aries will learn to let the impulsive nature go and ultimately settles for being a “pioneer” and allowing Virgo to do things according to plan, just a lot quicker and with more enthusiasm.

The conflict here is really created by her Aquarius rising, which challenges her to find innovative ways to do things while still holding on to her identity, which Moon in Aries loves, but Virgo sun has a hard time with. It wants to maintain a certain image, it wants to maintain a certain modesty- but with Aries and Aquarius backing it up, the expression can get confused and when that expression is Virgo, it will question everything; “Why can’t I loosen up and have more fun?” “Why am I obsessing over this?” and, they can dedicate themselves to the wrong cause- but, the best thing about Virgo is that it is the mutable representative for Earth signs, so it’s all about mending it’s expression to fit it’s circumstances, and it will often learn how to amend all the pieces of itself through it’s expression. Mutable signs occur at the end of every season (Gemini in spring, Pisces in winter, Sagittarius in fall, and Virgo in summer) and so, they ultimately want to amend and heal and be able to complete the cycle. Virgo is one of the few signs that will work well with a lot of conflicting energies because it WILL find the perfect expression at some point.

The best way I can describe it is through her own song, “Fuckin’ Perfect.” It clearly shows how Aquarius rising wants to be able to send this universal message and empower a collective group- while, the message itself sort of shows the perfect reconciliation of the expression of the Sun in Virgo wanting to be “perfect” but the instinct of the moon in Aries wanting to define what “perfect” means for itself. Through the years, I think we’ve watched this evolve for her; in the earlier years, she was a little more raunchy and spontaneous (as Aries moon tried to fight it’s way out), but as the years have gone by, that Virgo expression mutated and found that comfortable balance of maturity, and has just shifted its outrageous nature in a different direction- like by doing choreographed fight scenes in music videos and doing acrobatics in a stadium of people while singing- no biggie! Just another day in the life of a daring Virgo.

[He Carey'd her Hart away...]

I can’t get a full chart on him, so we don’t know his rising or houses, but we can still tell a lot about him and why he and P!nk have made it work just from looking at his planet’s signs. He has his sun in Cancer and moon in Scorpio, which are both water signs, something that should not work out with P!nk, who has very little water in her chart… but alas, we look to the power of Venus and Mars when it comes to who we love. They both have Venus in Virgo, which is helpful in more than just love. Venus also rules over how we we like to look and how we want to spend our money (which include what we buy ourselves and what we buy others), and with both of them having it in the sign of Virgo, it will give them the same expression in those things, and with Virgo, that expression is practical and helpful, so don’t be surprised if we find out they put toothbrushes and underwear in the kid’s stocking for Christmas.

The problem is also, well, Venus in Virgo. In the sign of Virgo, Venus feels very uncomfortable; Venus wants to entertain, be luxurious, enjoy love and life; but Virgo doesn’t want to do anything of those things, it wants to take it’s time, make everything perfect, and pull the weeds, not smell the roses. It’ not that the two don’t get along, Virgo just can’t find a way to use the Venusian skillset. So, when Venus wants to find us love, and it has to go through Virgo’s nitpicky approval process, things that can messy. Virgo is still a critical sign and it wants perfection from a partner. When this gets expressed through their sun signs, there is real trouble. P!nk definitely has a more upfront nature, Virgo/Aries/Aquarius which makes up her core three Sun/Moon/Rising combo all upfront signs that do not want to beat around the bush (Aquarius will to entertain you, but would prefer not to), and Carey is a Cancer, so he follows the crab rule of: laugh it off, let it bug you, let it eat at you, shell up, start passive aggressively freezing the person out, have some strange freak out, flip your shit, wait a few days, act like everything is cool. So, she wants to talk it out, but her brutal truths hurt his tender feelings, and he evokes the power of the observant and vindictive Scorpio moon to give his Cancer sun it’s notebook full of notes on P!nk’s weaknesses, and when he gets butthurt, he knows where to hit her so it hurts, and viola: You have P!nk’s Greatest Hits album (no, no, I kid)!

[Baby Willow makes 3.]
bb Hart

Well, I couldn’t find an exact time of birth here, but I was able to approximate the time at 7PM, based on tweets announcing the birth, so I can tell you that this little girl has Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Gemini (calm your tits Gemini haters) and Venus and Mars in Taurus. Jupiter is on the cusp of Aries/Taurus, and Saturn rounds up the core sitting exalted in Libra in her 10th house, which is an amazing placement for career and public image. She’ll have the advantage of having her Sun, Moon, and Mercury in the same sign, which would be a huge indicator of someone with a consistent and level personality, if it were in any other sign BUT Gemini. As a Sun in Gemini, I can say they’re highly misunderstood. They’re the first sign that discovers their outside environment, and as a mutable sign, which I talked about wanting to “heal” and “complete the cycle” above; they adapt to however they need to so they fit in with their immediate environment. They get a bad reputation for being gossips and two-faced, but really, they have every face, and gossip is nothing more than a tool to get close to someone else and find out their gossip. What a lot of people don’t realize is how loyal Gemini is; you just can’t tell them any secrets, and you have to be able to get a long with a lot of different personalities because you never know which one Gemini will have on- it’s the variety in life that they want. Curious to a fault, but full of sunshine (and bullshit, lbr)- and lucky for Willow, by the looks of things, her Venus and Mars in Taurus will help keep her grounded, although, probably not able to hold on to a penny going adventuring and pampering.

I need help! I have requests for a couple other posts, But I need suggestions for Celeb best friends & British celebs, so if you have ideas or people you'd be interested in, let me know! (More mainstream the better chances I can get a complete chart).

Source for celeb birth charts
For those of you interested in getting your own chart, I recommend this site.
In every post, people are like "this is cool, but I have no idea what it means..." so this is my tumblr- it's not a source because my brain is the source, but it does have a shit ton of handy little articles I put together for you folks, enjoy!
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