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The Jonas Brothers Rift Is 'Uglier Than You Think,' Says Source

Don't hold out hope for a reunion, JoBro fans.

"They are not getting along at all. It's uglier than you think," a music industry source tells PEOPLE.

"They are each looking into solo projects. Nick and the Administration are working on another album. They are moving forward away from the Jonas Brothers. I think this is the beginning of the end."

Still, a source close to the band maintains that the guys are still talking, at least. "The idea that this is acrimonious is wrong," says the source. "The guys are all talking and haven't stopped talking ever."

Days after they backed out of their tour, the Jonas Brothers are backing away from social media, too.

The band's official Twitter account, @JonasBrothers, has been deactivated, fueling even more speculation that Kevin, 25, Joe, 24, and Nick, 21, could be splitting for good.

The band's spokesman, Jesse Derris, told PEOPLE exclusively on Oct. 9 that a "deep rift within the band" had developed over their musical direction.

The brothers have not commented on why the Twitter account was deleted. Their individual accounts – @nickjonas, @joejonas, and @kevinjonas – remain active.

When asked about the band's future, Derris said: "It remains to be seen."


Well, at least their rep jumped on correcting the not talking bit (originally that was not in the article) cause clearly Kevin and Joe are talking at least. But as much as I'd like a new NJATA album, I don't see it happening as a result of all of this.
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