Katy Perry: A Higher Power Saved Me

Katy Perry says a “higher power” saved her from depression.

The 28-year-old singer believes something helped guide her in the right direction when she was overwhelmed and heartbroken. And she credits this force with changing her life for the better.

“Everybody asked me how I got through that and I would say my friends, working out, vitamins and supplements,” Katy told Entertainment Tonight. “But I think there was just a higher energy, a higher power that was helping shoot me in the right direction. In a more positive direction.

Katy admitted she was plagued by suicidal thoughts following the end of her 14-month marriage to Russell Brand in December 2011. Russell allegedly broke up with Katy via text message, and she poured her feelings of betrayal and hurt into new album Prism.

“I came out of a small depression by writing this record,” Katy revealed. “A song called By The Grace of God, which is a very vulnerable song, you know. One line talks about me laying on the bathroom floor, looking in the mirror and deciding to stay. You don't have to really read between the lines of, kind of heavy material there. It's one of the darkest songs on the record.”

Katy goes on to explain that despite her immense pain and suffering, she is a survivor. She also insists that despite the hardship she endured, it taught her about herself. Katy revealed the experience made her self-reliant and strong.

“I did a lot of self-reflection and that relates to Prism in some ways,” said Katy. “I did a lot of self-reflection in spring of this year and this is where a lot of the songs from Prism came from. I kind of just did a lot of work on myself and gave myself some time and healed up some spots that needed to be healed, and did a lot of self-therapy.

“That seems to be the theme for me… of always getting kicked but coming back up, rising from the ashes or something.”


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