Cher Says Lady Gaga Is Nothing Like Madonna

Comparisons between Lady Gaga and Madonna have been widespread for years, but one person who is not buying into the parallels is pop icon Cher.
The 67-year-old singer recently sat down for an interview with Attitude magazine and spoke about the two stars.
"You can't be the young anybody else. That's why Gaga is Gaga and Madonna is Madonna," Cher reportedly told Attitude. "All these people are themselves. You can't be the young anybody."
Cher noted that the rule applied to herself as well, adding, "There is no young me. If you get to be that, if you get to a certain level, you have to be the young you ... Until I'm dead. Maybe when I'm dead, someone will go, 'Oh that's the young Cher.'"
Earlier this year, a collaboration from Cher and Lady Gaga made its way online. Called "The Greatest Thing," the track was supposed to be featured on Cher's latest album, "Closer to the Truth," but never received final approval from Gaga. "I love Cher so much," Gaga said of her collaboration. "When we do a duet that we release, I want it to be special. I want us to work on it together."
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