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'Bee and Puppycat' Will Become A Series...If It Can Raise $600k

It seems that the two videos we got earlier this year of Bee and Puppycat—the charming and kind of eccentric cartoon by Natasha Allegri, character designer and storyboard artist for Adventure Time—aren't all of what we get to see of the show. Well, not if Frederator Studios can raise enough money on Kickstarter.

The idea behind the Kickstarter is to fund six episodes of Bee and Puppycat, all six minutes long, for $600,000. If they manage to raise more, they'll make more episodes—up to eleven. But if not, at minimum, there will be six television-quality episodes that are traditionally animated—as in, it's all done by hand.

They're turning to Kickstarter because it usually takes years to get funding in the traditional way, and Kickstarter means Allegri can maintain her vision on the show. That, and we all get the show quicker.

Bee and Puppycat follows the adventures of a a jobless twenty-something that comes across a cat-like thing that can somehow travel through space and time. You get lots of vibes from stuff like Utena, Sailor Moon/magical girls and more—it's pretty sweet, and ridiculous. That, and it features the sort of humor you might expect from Adventure Time, only more adorable.


I know animation can be stupidly expensive, but half a million for just over thirty minutes of programming seems steep.

How do you feel about companies that use crowdfunding?
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