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Watch: 'Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film' Where Characters Make Smart Decisions

Does it drive you crazy when characters in horror films make outrageously bad decisions -- like going skinny dipping when there's a mad man on the loose in the woods or insisting on staying in a haunted house even though the walls are pulsating? Then you'll love this short film/faux trailer for a non-existent horror film, "Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film" where, for once, characters make smart decisions and don't put their lives in danger for the sake of creating dramatic tension...

Directed by Austin-based filmmaker Joe Nicolosi (one of Filmmaker Magazine's 25 New Faces of Independent Film in 2011) and written by Nicolosi and John Freiler, "Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film" is worth a watch (see how many horror films you can reference!).

Check it out:

Tags: film, film - horror
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