Train's Pat Monahan on working with Taylor Swift, maybe confirms RED Deluxe re-release?

Train frontman Pat Monahan has started writing songs for the band's next album, and when that finally arrives, it just may have a song on it that he co-wrote with Taylor Swift. But according to Pat, yet another tune the two wrote together may show up even sooner than that.

Pat tells ABC News Radio that when he told Taylor that he wanted to collaborate with her on a song for Train's next album, she asked him to write a song with her for her album, Red. The track didn't make the album, but Pat says eventually, when Taylor puts out a deluxe re-released version of Red, "the song, I think, will be on there." "It's a song called 'Babe,'" continues Pat. "So it's her song; I was just lucky enough to be a part of it with her, and I'm gonna ask the same of her in the future."

While Pat has quite a few years on Taylor when it comes to songwriting experience, he says he's full of admiration for her talents. "She's very talented, she's a no-nonsense young kid," Pat tells ABC News Radio. "Y'know, she's, like, a serious thing."

Pat says he also appreciates the fact that Taylor has so much skill at writing songs about topics that he doesn't even consider. "I'm not going through different relationships and breakups and all the stuff that young people do, so her perspective is very fresh," he says. "And I think that that's what I admire the most [about her]."


I'm going to need a confirmation stat