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Cara Delevingne chows down on a greasy McDonald's meal in between takes on her DKNY shoot


While many models have to watch what thy eat, Cara Delevingne isn't one of them.

The 21-year-old star was seen tucking into a greasy McDonald's in between takes on her DKNY shoot in New York on Tuesday.

The British model appeared to be enjoying her food as she chowed down on a bag of chips from the fast food eatery.

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Skärmavbild 2013-10-16 kl. 21.52.29

Cara, who is a huge fan of fast food, previously put her love of burgers down to the fact that she needs to eat regularly in order not to feel faint.

She said: 'I need to eat a lot otherwise I feel faint. I get in the worst moods if I don’t eat.'

Cara also regularly tweets about her love of the golden arches, writing recently: 'First thing I do when I get to America… get a McDonalds.'

While Cara has been working hard on the shoot in Times Square, she was seen looking slightly bored in between takes on the set on Tuesday.

Wearing a black and white printed jumper over a white shirt and shorts with platform trainers, Cara was seen chatting on her mobile phone while sitting on top of a yellow cab, hiding her eyes behind a pair of white-rimmed sunglasses.

Earlier in the day, Cara cut a more casual appearance in skinny jeans, a jumper and tartan jacket as she arrived on the set, clutching a huge bag of goodies from the Disney Store.

On the first day of her DKNY shoot, Cara was seen displaying one of her new tattoos, Roman numerals on her chest, as she sported a cut-out orange dress.

Brazilian tattoo artist Daniel Tucci is quoted as telling a Yahoo omg! source: 'I drew a Number 12 in black Roman numerals about five centimetres big on her. She told me that 12 is her lucky number and that’s her lucky place, below her breast.

'The second tattoo Cara had done is the Southern Cross, a constellation made of five stars, which is one of the symbols of Brazil.

'It's a cross made with stars around her ear, one star on the top of the ear, one behind, one on the back, one below and one on the tragus, like a circle around her ear.'

The tattooist also added that despite Storm already reportedly having voiced their disapproval of Cara's growing collection, the feisty young star has no intention of stopping.

He said: 'I have a photo of it but she asked me not to post it on Instagram before she posts it, she wants to make a surprise of it.

'She loves tattoos and says she isn’t going to stop, she wants to be covered in tattoos ... she's coming back for another one in a couple of days!'

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