Britney Spears on Miley Cyrus: "She's Brilliant"

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Since Miley Cyrus’s new album, Bangerz, dropped last week, it seems like everyone’s talking about it — even the Queen of Pop herself, Britney Spears. And after working with Miley on the album’s title song, “Bangerz (SMS),” Britney’s gotta admit it: she’s impressed.

In an interview with London’s 95-106 Capital FM (via E! Online), Britney mentioned that she’s a “huge fan” of Miley’s.

And not only do Britney and Miley share a manager, Larry Rudolph, but they both hail from the South, something that Britney says unites them. “My mom and her mom know each other," Britney said. "She's a girl's girl and she gets the whole Southern thing."

And, after finding out the love was mutual, Britney was thrilled. “She has so much energy and she's on fire,” Britney said, “so for her to even say anything about me is just really cool.”

We imagine Miley’s thrilled to hear such kind words from someone she idolizes so much. “She was my first record,” Miley said in her MTV documentary, Miley: The Movement. “I’ll be a diehard fan for Britney, always.”


Hoping Britney and Miley will pair up on another track on Britney’s December release, Britney Jean? Sound off below!