Louis Tomlinson thinks that Simon Cowell should pay for his HUGE phone bill


We do feel for One Direction, we really do. Away from their family and friends for weeks and weeks at a time, it must be hard.

So, it's not that surprising to hear that the boys are notching up some pretty big phone bills. Phone bills that Louis Tomlinson reckons Simon Cowell should pay for.

"Our data charges are quite ridiculous really. In no time the bills become massive as my mates will keep on ringing and chatting. They don't know or maybe they don't care that it's me paying the bill," complains Louis in The Sun.

Well, they know now.

"So far Simon hasn't shown any interest in paying. It's time he started to dig deep," Louis adds.

What, with a baby on the way. You'll be lucky.

We have just a couple of comments about this. Surely millionaire boy band members can afford to pay their own phone bill? And hasn't Louis ever heard of Skype or Facetime?