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Emma Roberts goes make-up free for a day in the French Quarter with a tired looking Evan Peters


They recently showed off remarkably similar hairstyles during an appearance at LAX airport in Los Angeles – but that’s not all they have in common.

Indeed, an evidently make-up free Emma Roberts and boyfriend Evan Peters appeared to be competing for the pastiest complexions during a day out in New Orleans on Tuesday.

The couple looked tired and washed out as they trudged to their car following a day of lounging by the hotel pool.

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Skärmavbild 2013-10-16 kl. 15.10.52

Emma and Evan had made the decision to wear loose fitting vests and shorts on a balmy day in the Louisiana city, but the warm weather did little improve their low-key mood.

Evan – best known for his role as Kit Walker in American Horror Story – remained expressionless as he walked side by side with Emma, his green muscle-top revealing a pale upper-body.

Emma was no less down-beat in her over-dyed top and frayed denim shorts, a large bag casually slung over one shoulder.

Her relaxed appearance was enhanced by a lack of cosmetics, while her hair was scraped back across her head and tied in a loose, scruffy bun.

The 22-year-old actress – who joined the cast of American Horror Story: Coven earlier this year – finished her look with a pair of sandals.

Emma and Evan, 26, were spotted as they made their way to the city’s French Quarter, where they spent the afternoon browsing local stores during a break from the show, which is filmed in new Orleans.

But while they seemed content, it hasn’t always been so smooth for the young lovebirds.
In July Emma was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence after a heated row with Evan in Montreal.

He declined to press charges against the Palo Alto actress, whom he's since called 'the love of my life.'

Evan recently dyed his hair blonde, a look that inadvertently mirrored his girlfriend’s during a sighting at LAX last week, shortly before they boarded their flight to Louisiana.

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