Britney Interview Round Up!


-Brit revealed her new album title - BRITNEY JEAN!- and also talked about Vegas, clapped with a huge foam finger and making it rain!

- Continuing from the first segment Brit talks about Work (bark!), the video, and getting banned on British TV!

-Brit talked about her break up with Jason, recording personal songs, working with William Orbit and a new song called Aliens!

-And for the German fans here is a dubbed interview she did with a German TV show!

-Behind the scenes of a new interview! Brit reveals what you have to do if you want to look good in a bikini...

-Bonus: Brit posing with some British journalists today!




And also filming a commercial for the French NRJ Radio!


At work with sweet @britneyspears. Thks for your time and your commitment Britney, you really are a beautiful soul.


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New material mods! Isnt she just the cutest?