Tonight on Person of Interest: Batman Jesus and His ‘Just Friend’ Carter Get Busted

The Machine gives the number of a prominent lawyer whose husband was murdered and the team must quickly find out if she is his killer or if she is being framed

“Reasonable Doubt” – The team gets the number of a prominent New York lawyer and has to determine whether she orchestrated the death of her recently murdered husband, or if she is being framed. Meanwhile, Carter faces an issue with her new partner, Laskey, after he spots her with Reese, aka “The Man in the Suit,” on Person of Interest, Tuesday, October 15 (10:00 – 11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Guest Stars include Kathleen Rose Perkins, Paul Ben-Victor (yet another actor from The Wire, the PoI guest casting is on point) and Daniel Cosgrove (aka Matt from 90210, what a blast from the past tbh.). (Note: the awesome – and spoilerrific – Carter clip posted yesterday is from next week’s episode, so we all have something awesome to look forward to.)

Carter in a uniform again! btw Batman Jesus was totally jealous last week. He should be imo; the stalker’s compliments were much cuter than his.

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carter 303
That was SO CUTEEEE. And, apparently, Warren Kole just might return at some point this season. I’m happy to hear that, he really made an impact imo. And he had great chemistry with Taraji too. Sure, he's a stalker, but so is Batman Jesus tbh.

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