Selena writing songs for next album!

While being interviewed by Long Island's #1 hit music station WBLI, Selena Gomez was asked if she was working on new music that may have not made her #1 album, Stars Dance. Selena replied with, "Yeah, definitely. I recorded about 24 songs for the record and obviously we didn't put all of them on. It's interesting because my taste is constantly changing, so the stuff that I'm writing now is a lot different and I'm excited about it. So, we'll see what happens!"

When asked if she'd give fans a taste of her new music on her current tour, Selena responded, "No, because I think that will be a little separate from this tour. I feel like this tour is just gonna be about my fans and just about that, because the next chapter in music will be a little bit more honest I think."

(Music talk at 01:20)

Selena's gonna serve us with her own Ray of Light next era!!!!